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New HyperMax XT more than 50% heavier than its predecessor

hypermax xt

Performax Labs has just passed on a few more details for its all new version of HyperMax XT, which was confirmed a week or so ago in a shot of the entire Performax line up. We haven’t unfortunately been given a full label for the reformulated pre-workout, however the description released does highlight a lot of its changes. By the sounds of things we are in for quite a different supplement as the serving size alone is more than 50% heavier.

In the words of Performax, the new HyperMax XT is only carrying over some of its predecessor’s ingredients. While that doesn’t give us an exact number we feel “some” suggests around half, which would mean it’s kept somewhere in the area of six features. The brand has also said that eria jarensis extract is one of those consistent ingredients that is still the main stimulant in the pre-workout, but has had its dose almost doubled.

The last few details we have are that Performax has added a trademarked ingredient to HyperMax XT, although it hasn’t given any hints as to what it could be. Also as mentioned earlier the product’s serving size has been increased by quite a bit with its exact weight being 14g, a whole 5.8g heavier than the current HyperMax XT’s 8.2g.

While we are still missing a lot of information for Performax Labs’ new HyperMax XT, it doesn’t look like we’re going to be waiting too much longer for the rest. The brand is in fact planning on dropping everything you need to know about the reformulated pre-workout in one to two weeks time, including its facts panel.

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