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Iridium Series protein will feature an all new form of protein

iridium protein

To get things going here in the first week of May, Performix has just confirmed another addition to its more advanced Iridium Series. The latest supplement joining the line is in fact one that was only launched a couple of months ago, the protein powder Pro Whey. The product is of course going to be different for the Iridium Series, although we don’t yet know all of its details.

The information Performix has released so far for its Iridium Protein are that it will obviously be infused with Terra Bead Technology, and feature some kind of new protein source. The more interesting detail out of those two is of course that the supplement will have some kind of new protein. We don’t get any clues about what’s different about the protein source or anything like that, just that it’s something new.

Lastly we do have one more piece of information on the Iridium Protein that’s not related to its formula, with the product’s full menu. It total three flavors have been confirmed, two of which are fairly straightforward in Chocolate Cake and Vanilla Ice Cream. The third is where Performix has been a bit more creative, putting together the Lucky Charms sounding and looking Fruity Charms.

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