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Magnum Drip Dry details revealed and launching in 2 days

magnum drip dry

Magnum Nutraceuticals has finally released details today on the last supplement in its new Contest Prep Stack, Magnum Drip Dry. For those of you that hadn’t caught our previous posts on the product, Drip Dry is exactly what its name suggests, a water loss formula. It turns out there is actually quite a bit to this one as it features a total of 10 ingredients.

None of the ingredients in Magnum Drip Dry have been hidden away in proprietary blends, so we do get doses of each and every one of them. Starting from the top of the list you have half a gram the usual dandelion extract, 375mg oxystelma esculentum, 250mg each of horsetail and juniper berry extract. 225mg of potassium orotate, 150mg magnesium citrate, 100mg each of cornsilk stylus and buchu leaf, 50mg hydrangea extract and lastly the somewhat big surprise, 100mg of caffeine.

The main reason that last ingredient is a surprise is because you don’t typically see stimulants in water loss formulas. Drip Dry is obviously an exception to that as it has 100mg per serving, which will add 200mg to your day as it is suggested you take it twice a day.

Magnum Drip Dry is due to be launched in exactly two days time on Friday, although it does look like it’s already available for pre-order. The water loss supplement can currently be found on the brand’s website where you can secure yourself a bottle to be shipped out on Friday. Magnum’s price on Drip Dry isn’t too bad either at $34.99 for a full size 30 serving bottle designed to last you two weeks.

Magnum Drip Dry

magnum drip dry

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