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MAN finally names all of its Clean Protein flavors

man clean protein

MAN Sports has just released a whole lot more information about its new and exciting protein powder simply named Clean Protein. Over the past few months we’ve received bits and pieces on the supplement, including some serving details and three of its flavors. The brand has now confirmed a little bit more about Clean Protein’s formula as well as all five of its delicious sounding flavors.

Starting with the update on its formula, MAN has said that Clean Protein will have a truly transparent label. By that it means each of its four protein sources will be listed with their exact doses, much like Pro Jym, Muscle Elements The Truth and Grenade Hydra 6 to some extent. Also the product is going to have 24g of protein per serving from those four yet to be revealed sources, although Chocolate Milk will be a little different with 25g per serving.

Moving on to the moment we’ve all been waiting for, MAN has finally named all of its flavors for Clean Protein. The three we already knew of were Chocolate Milk, Cookie Stuffed Cookie, and the uniquely named Unicorn Milk. As mentioned earlier the supplement does have a total of five with the other two being Peanut Butter Bits and the slightly more traditional Vanilla Ice Cream. All five options also come in the one 1.8lb size, which is the bag we’ve been seeing over the past few months.

At the moment MAN is aiming to have Clean Protein launched direct through its website in around six weeks time. Obviously if any issues come up that’ll be pushed back, but by the sounds of things fans are finally going to be able to get their hands on this sometime in June.

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