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PowerMax XT previewed alongside an all new HyperMax XT

powermax xt

We recently got a detailed look at Performax Labs’ upcoming pump pre-workout VasoMax, which also introduces a very new look for the brand. Performax has now released a full family photograph with all of its supplements wearing the new look. On closer inspection however there is more to the shot as Performax has in fact managed to sneak two very interesting things into the rebrand image.

The first item that stands out in the picture is the product right in the middle of it all, PowerMax XT, which is of course something the brand has yet to actually launch. From what we can see the supplement appears to be another pre-workout effort from Performax, although unlike its other competitors PowerMax looks like its going to be a more performance based formula.

As for the other thing Performax has almost unnoticeably added to the image, on the far right you can see an all new version of its pre-workout HyperMax XT. While it could of course just be a rebranded HyperMax, the big give away is that you can make out how many servings it has. Instead of having 36 like the current HyperMax, the product in the picture has 11 less with 25.

For now all we have on both PowerMax XT and the new HyperMax XT are their images above, however they obviously weren’t included on accident. We can only imagine Performax has unveiled the two because they’re coming soon, so definitely stay tuned for more information.

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