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no xplode xe

BSN’s latest pre-workout the Edge Series supplement NO Xplode XE, is finally starting to show up in stores. One of the first places it popped up was the retailer GNC, however it didn’t actually have the product in stock. Now GNC does have it available, although so do a number of other BSN stockists. is one of those others, who also currently has an introductory sale on it.‘s regular price on NO Xplode XE is $32.99, which is where we predicted the supplement would sit as we didn’t see it going below the $30 mark. Once however you work in the online store’s deal, that $33 drops by quite a bit with 25% off taking it down to just $24.75. Like all good promotions,’s NO Xplode XE sale is only available for a limited time so if you want to give it a go get in while you can.

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