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Caffeine 200 a rebranded Lipo-6 Caffeine with 10mg less

caffeine 200

If you’re a regular user of Nutrex’s individual ingredient caffeine formula, Lipo-6 Caffeine. Next time you go to purchase it you may in fact find it comes in a very different looking bottle. Basically Nutrex has rebranded its basic supplement as Caffeine 200, as well as taken it out of its Basix Series and put it into its more familiar black and red themed Black Series.

The size of the product has remained the same, with each bottle of Caffeine 200 having the same amount of single capsule servings at 60. As for the dose of caffeine in each of those capsules, that has changed, as instead of 210mg Nutrex has switched to its title mentioned 200mg. The brand has actually already updated its own website with Caffeine 200, where you can also now purchase it for $7.95 a bottle.

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