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Out Of The Lab starts teasing its second supplement

out of the lab

Some of you may remember the brand Out Of The Lab, who we first posted about here on Stack3d almost one year ago. We introduced the brand and its supplement Thermosterone, which is still the only Out Of The Lab product available. Previously there was mention of a second supplement that after about a year, now looks like it’s ready to be released.

Out Of The Lab has basically dropped a teaser image giving fans a sneak peek at its next new product. As you can see above the brand is barely showing anything, revealing four letters from its title and a few words from its description. The title letters are “IM…” and “PR…”, which as you’d imagine could spell out a number of things. Without more of a look all we can really be sure of is that another Out Of The Lab supplement is coming.

Fortunately it does look we’re going to be finding out more about the brand’s mystery product very soon, as it is being teased with the vague but promising words “coming soon”.

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