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PowerMax XT confirmed as a new and improved CreMax XT

powermax xt

Last week Performax Labs released a bit more information on its upcoming HyperMax XT reformulation. We got confirmation of its serving size, that it’s added a trademarked ingredient and that the main stimulant will still be eria jarensis extract. As a follow up the brand has now done a similar kind of thing for its other recently revealed product, the entirely new PowerMax XT.

In a surprise turn of events Performax has confirmed that PowerMax XT isn’t the entirely new supplement we suspected it to be. In the family photograph that initially unveiled it, we managed to miss the fact that CreMax XT was not in the shot. The main reason that’s important is because PowerMax is actually replacing CreMax as an upgraded version of sorts. To add to the update the brand has said that almost everything in PowerMax is from CreMax, with some of the ingredients also getting their doses increased.

More details on PowerMax XT as well as HyperMax XT are expected to be along very soon, as the products themselves are due to be available within the next few weeks.

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