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Pro Jym isn’t the only non-proprietary protein on the market

non-proprietary protein

There are quite a few brands out there now that are fully transparent, with all of their supplements listing doses for each and every ingredient. When it comes to protein powders however there aren’t many brands that are as transparent. The reason we’re bringing this topic up is because today Jim Stoppani posted a video where he says that his protein Pro Jym, is the only non-proprietary protein on the market.

Without doing any digging there are three protein powders that come to mind that are also actually 100% transparent, one of them even being more transparent than Pro Jym. Grenade Hydra 6 which was released before Pro Jym in April of 2014, states that it has 12g of whey isolate and 12g of micellar casein. You then have Muscle Elements the Truth, another non-proprietary protein powder made up of 9g of whey concentrate, 6g whey isolate, and 4.5g each of micellar casein and milk isolate.

The third product we have to bring up isn’t actually a product, but an entire brand. Nutrabio is actually the one that takes protein transparency to another level even further than Pro Jym, and it has been doing so for over a decade. Instead of just listing the amount of protein you get from each source, Nutrabio’s protein labels include the actual amount of each protein source and how much they each yield. For example in Muscle Matrix there is 16.1g of whey isolate and 13.2g of micellar casein, yielding 14.3g and 10.7g, which works out to exactly 25g per serving.

Basically we felt it was necessary to let everyone know that Pro Jym isn’t the only transparent protein on the market as Jim Stoppani says. While only two supplements and a brand came to mind immediately, we wouldn’t be surprised if there are more out there.