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Rich Piana’s Real Food now comes in a tub with a slightly different label

real food

Rich Piana’s self explanatory 5% Nutrition supplement Real Food is definitely one of his most well-known products. It was actually given its first new flavor earlier this year with Blueberry Cobbler, which was around the time Real Food’s original Sweet Potato Pie was out of stock for three months. This week 5% Nutrition has given the supplement some more attention by way of an all new look.

Basically 5% Nutrition has rebranded and repackaged Real Food in a different tub and label. Previously the product came in a bucket, although now as you can see above it has been switched to a more traditional tub. The label is also looking very different mostly thanks to its dinner ready Rich Piana graphic being swapped out for a much more intense photograph. Despite all the changes made to Real Food on the outside, the formula and its amount of servings have remained exactly the same.

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