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5% Nutrition rounds out its Code Red Series with the BCAA-based Code Red Aminos

5 Nutrition Code Red Aminos

The third and final entry in 5% Nutrition’s cost-competitive Code Red Series is Code Red Aminos, and like Code Red Pre and Code Red Creatine, it keeps the ingredients and dosages relatively short and sweet, and carries a fairly low purchase price. This one is somewhat of a traditional amino cocktail, keeping things to the point or at least to the title of the supplement with a combination of ingredients powering muscle recovery as well as hydration and performance.

5% Nutrition’s Code Red Aminos features the three all-important BCAAs — leucine, isoleucine, and valine — at a reasonable amount to take care of the muscle growth and recovery benefits. Then, on the other side of the formula, the brand promotes hydration benefits for the Code Red Series product, leading us to believe it has a bit of electrolytes. We haven’t seen the facts panel of the supplement, but BCAAs and electrolytes are a common pair in the amino space.

Code Red Aminos, as well as Code Red Creatine and Code Red Pre, are going live through 5% Nutrition’s online store, where it appears as though they’re all available at $24.99 for full-size tubs of 20 servings. The entire Code Red Series gives the well-established and reasonably long-running brand a new area of the market to compete in, as outside of its basic, standalone 5% Nutrition Core collection, it doesn’t really have anything that falls under the $30 mark.