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Mystery RSP supplement bringing an all new look with it

rsp nutrition

RSP Nutrition has just posted its first teaser in quite some time, although it does look like this one is going to make up for how quiet it’s been in the new release department lately. The teaser isn’t exactly clear, although we have blown it up the best we can above, and tried not to distort it too much. As you can see something new is clearly coming which is also going to bring a very different look.

Before we get into what kind of supplement we could be in for, RSP’s teaser clearly features some kind of product with all new branding. The layout of graphics still appears to be the same, with the major difference being what’s filling those curves as the brand’s bright blue and black theme seems to have been switched for a darker blue and steel type pattern.

As for what kind of supplement the mystery item could be, since it has a flat top it’d be safe to say we are looking at a powder formula. If that is in fact the case then we feel a pre-workout is definitely the most likely kind of product, as the last time RSP entered the category was actually a year and a half ago with DyNO. As fitting as that all sounds, we are obviously going to have to wait for more details from the brand before we can be certain.

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