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BCAA Boosted launch doesn’t reveal any additional ingredients

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SAN Nutrition has just launched the supplement we were surprisingly introduced to first at this year’s FIBO Expo in Cologne, Germany. That supplement is BCAA Boosted, a formula designed specifically for fasted cardio which is a highlight it lists right on its bottle. With the launch of the product has also come the reveal of its label, something we didn’t have last time we posted about it.

Strangely enough there isn’t actually anything more to SAN’s BCAA Boosted outside of the features confirmed early last month. As previously posted the supplement packs 5g of BCAAs at the traditional 2:1:1 ratio, a gram of glutamine, 800mg beta-alanine, and a 285mg energy blend of natural caffeine, green coffee bean and green tea supplying a total of 175mg of caffeine. The fairly straightforward combination promises a handful of benefits including energy, drive and recovery.

As mentioned SAN has officially launched BCAA Boosted with the first place stocking the product of course being the brand’s own website. Full size tubs are priced quite high at $44.99 for 40 Furious Fruit Punch flavored servings, although there is in fact a trial size available. For $30 less you can get 30 less servings with SAN’s 10 serving BCAA Boosted coming in at $14.99, which is also only available in the one Fruit Punch flavor.

SAN BCAA Boosted

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