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New double size AmiNO Flow will save you about 20%

amino flow

Whenever there’s news of another size of one of your favorite supplements you always hope its bigger. While smaller options are great for people that haven’t tried certain products before, you’re almost guaranteed better value if a brand decides to make something larger. Fortunately that is exactly what Muscle Elements has done for one of its first ever releases and our favorite amino formula, AmiNO Flow.

Fans of Muscle Elements’ AmiNO Flow will know the supplement has only been available in the one 30 serving size since it arrived. The latest from the innovative brand is in fact a double size version, packing a massive 60 servings. Muscle Elements has already added the product to its website where it’s priced at $71.99. While that may be different from what you’ll see it for in stores, compared to the brand’s regular tub the new 60 serving does save you roughly 20%.

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