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New and improved version AminoLift up next from USP Labs


The original Inner Circle brand USP Labs, has just announced what its next new supplement release is going to be. Following on from its only other two new products for the year, Strawberries & Cream Modern Protein and Max REPS NO3. USP is planning on introducing an all new version of its caffeinated amino formula AminoLift.

The name of the new supplement is appropriately going to be AminoLift+, which we can only assume will be much like Modern BCAA+ and be a greatly improved version of its predecessor. At the moment we don’t know a whole lot about the contents of the product as we can only confirm a handful of its ingredients. The features we know of are green coffee bean, choline bitartrate, a vitamin B blend, and of course BCAAs. Those four ingredients obviously don’t mean much without their doses, however the green coffee bean is quite interesting as it isn’t in the current AminoLift.

USP is suggesting that fans interested in getting their hands on the updated AminoLift+, should sign up to its insider Barbell Club. That is of course where the brand will be launching the supplement with what will no doubt be another great introductory offer from USP.

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