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Birthday Cake Stacked Protein revealed, released, and on sale at

birthday cake stacked protein

EVLution Nutrition recently confirmed that its protein powder Stacked Protein would soon be available in a fifth flavor. Now two weeks after that confirmation, the brand has both revealed and released its first addition to the supplement. The protein powder’s new option is Birthday Cake Stacked Protein, which is already available at

The online retailer has introduced the latest from EVL in two of Stacked Protein’s three sizes, the two tubs, 2 and 4lbs. To celebrate its release is also running a different promotion for each of Birthday Cake’s sizes. The 24 serving 2lb has a buy two get one free deal available working out to around $20 a tub, and the 4lb comes with two 5 serving trial sizes, technically bringing the cost of the 4lb down to just $39.

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