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BPI has finally released the highly anticipated label of its new 1MR


The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here, as BPI Sports’ has revealed the label behind its all new pre-workout supplement 1MR. Ever since the brand started teasing the return of the original 1MR or possibly a version with similar intensity, the question has been does it use the controversial stimulant DMAA? A few other companies have been bringing back the ingredient which certainly suggested the answer to that mystery might be yes.

Now that we have the official facts panel for the new BPI 1MR, we can confirm that it does not feature DMAA at all. The brand has actually sent over a few words on the matter, where it also goes into detail about what the new version has been designed to do.

As you can see (below) this new 1MR does not contain DMAA. This would be a step back in innovation for both BPI and the Sports Nutrition industry, if we even considered it. We all know that formulas containing DMAA may have had some strengths but one cannot argue that they also have their weaknesses. While the energy was hard-hitting, with it came a “post-workout crash” of epic proportions.

BPI’s goal was to create a formula that matched the positive effects of the original heavy stim-based formula in terms of performance, energy, focus and intensity, without the negative side-effects. This formula is not driven by any one single ingredient, and instead the effects are a result of the “sum of the parts”. BPI Sports has engineered a formula, that utilizes a very specific combination of ingredients in precise dosing, that produces the perfect combination of energy, focus and intensity, that users of the original formula remember like it was yesterday.

As you can read it seems BPI has put together the other scenario we predicted, a version of 1MR that is intended to be similar in strength to the DMAA original. The formula it’s created has been designed to deliver performance, energy, focus, and intensity without the reliable crash you’d get from DMAA pre-workouts. To ensure it comes through on all of those promises BPI has packed the new 1MR with a blend of 11 main ingredients.

The 11 features making up the supplement’s one 4.56g proprietary blend are taurine, glycine, l-aspartic acid, inosine, caffeine, GABA, l-carnitine tartrate, theobromine, CDP choline, gamma-butyrobetaine ethyl ester HCl, and yohimbe. You can see the complete list for yourself in the product’s official facts panel down below, and look forward to getting your hands on the pre-workout sometime in the next few weeks.

BPI 1MR (2016 version)


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