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BPI Sports is officially bringing back its original Roxylean


BPI Sports has just unveiled the mystery fat burning formula it said it was bringing back a few weeks ago. Our guess at what supplement the brand was resurrecting was the DMAA era Rx6, purely because it just brought back its DMAA era pre-workout 1MR. As it turns out we were a little off with our guess, as the product BPI has re-introduced is in fact Roxylean.

The brand is saying it has brought back the original Roxylean formula, although since we have yet to see its actual label and there have been quite a few Roxyleans. We are going to wait before we confirm what version it is or any of its ingredients. For now that is all we have on BPI’s returning fat burner, although we should be seeing more soon as Roxylean is expected to be available before the month is out.

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