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Upcoming Cannibal Riot will not be replacing anything

cannibal riot

Chaos and Pain is definitely one of the faster developing brands out there, as we’ve actually seen it reformulate and release supplements quicker than some competitors release anything. Knowing that it should really come as no surprise that after its renamed Cannibal Feral from March, reformulated Cannibal Ferox AMPed from April, and Cannibal Ferox Apocalypse from just a few weeks ago. Chaos and Pain has unveiled yet another entry into the competitive pre-workout market with Cannibal Riot.

You can see the preview of the upcoming Cannibal Riot above where it features a very similar description to what you’ll find on Cannibal Ferox with “Face-Melting Nootropic”. That line obviously doesn’t say much, however the brand has dropped a clue separate from the preview that’s a little more interesting. Apparently Cannibal Riot is not going to be replacing any of Chaos and Pain’s current pre-workouts.

That one clue suggests to us that Cannibal Riot is either going to be a different kind of pre-workout experience from Cannibal Ferox or Swole, or it’s going to be using a different set of ingredients. While we won’t know for sure until the brand reveals more information, we do feel a different combination of ingredients is most likely as Cannibal Riot is promoting very similar effects to Cannibal Ferox.

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