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2 new supplements to be unveiled by Dedicated in less than 2 days


Following on from Dedicated Nutrition’s massive weekend announcement, where it confirmed that it would be unveiling an entirely new pre-workout at the Stack3d Pro in two days time. The number one brand of 2015 has now revealed that it will also be dropping details on a second new supplement at our online expo. Unfortunately unlike with the stimulant free, stackable pre-workout it teased over the weekend, we haven’t been given a whole lot of information on the other new product.

All that we know about the supplement so far is that it is going to enter Dedicated into an entirely new category, which is of course quite interesting. At the moment the brand has a hand in almost every area of the industry with the likes of Enigma for muscle building, BCAA Sensation for aminos, and the top rated Pack for multi-vitamin. While there are certainly a lot of places Dedicated isn’t competing, we imagine the product will be like most in its line and belong to a mainstream category which does narrow down the list of possibilities.

Since the brand hasn’t released any actual details outside of its entirely new category clue, we’re not going to make any guesses just yet. The good news is the Stack3d Pro is in less than two days, where we’ll all find out exactly what Dedicated’s other mystery supplement is.

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