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Details on half of EFX Sports’ Training Ground Series coming next week

efx training ground series

Since EFX Sports unveiled its upcoming Training Ground Series, we’ve only seen a few details on just one of its eight supplements. That product was the line’s pre-workout competitor simply named Training Ground Pre. Those that are waiting on the rest of Pre’s details and maybe some of the other supplements in the series will be pleased to know, a lot more information is coming in one week’s time.

As you may have guessed by us saying you’ll be seeing more in a week, EFX is planning on releasing a lot of Training Ground Series details at our Stack3d Pro Expo. The list will include the complete combination of ingredients in the Training Ground Pre, the protein powders Isolate, Pure Whey, and Protein 6, as well as the simply named Training Ground BCAA. Three current products are also going to be reintroduced as they’ve been rebranded to match the Training Ground supplements.

Fans can count on seeing a massive EFX giveaway at the Stack3d Pro as well, which will 10 three product, Training Ground stacks of Pre, Isolate, and BCAA.

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