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Four ingredients confirmed for EFX’s upcoming Training Ground Pre

training ground pre

Since unveiling its Training Ground Series, EFX Sports hasn’t really released anything more about the line or any of the eight different supplements in it. We did get names and a few obvious highlights from the original unveiling, details that have now finally been joined by a little more on one of the line’s more interesting products. Today we’ve got a bit of a close up with the formula behind the new EFX pre-workout Training Ground Pre.

The first detail EFX has passed on is that each serving of Training Ground Pre is going to weigh in at a fairly large 25g. Straight away that gives you an idea on what kind of pre-workout it’s going to be, as serving sizes up in that area usually suggest a supplement will feature larger more performance-based ingredients.

training ground pre

The second lot of details we have on the Training Ground Pre really confirms that it is as its serving size suggests, a more performance based pre-workout. EFX has actually passed on four of the product’s ingredients as well as their doses with 6.5g of citrulline, 1.5g kre-alkalyn, 1.2g beta-alanine and 750mg of agmatine. We are also fairly certain those amounts are based on the supplement’s maximum serving as they are from the front of its bottle, which is usually where brands list maximum serving highlights.

While we have been given four ingredients from the pre-workout, with a serving size of 25g there is obviously a lot more to the formula. Definitely stay tuned for more on EFX’s upcoming Training Ground Pre as well as the rest of the items in the series, as everything is expected to be launched within the next month or so.

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