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Inspired confirms LGND’s ingredients for pre-order but not doses

inspired lgnd

A few weeks back you may remember Inspired Nutraceuticals dropped a teaser of its multi-effect performance formula LGND. It was said that the supplement would deliver in a handful of areas such as focus, stress reduction, hydration and testosterone boosting. That very product has now been made available for pre-order direct through Inspired’s website, although you are going to have to put a bit of faith in the brand if you decide to secure yourself a bottle.

The main reason we’re suggesting the it’s somewhat of a risk to pre-order Inspired LGND is because its official label has yet to be released. The brand has however decided to reveal its five ingredients, which based on the quality of all its other supplements we’re fairly certain are all well dosed. In total LGND relies on five features to deliver its variety of performance enhancing effects with KSM-66 ashwagandha, cocoa extract, the Aquamin electrolyte blend, AstraGin and epicatechin.

If you head to Inspired’s website you won’t actually find much more on LGND, just that you can pre-order it for $79.99. Before you write the product off because of that price we should mention that you can save 50% if you pre-order using the coupon code “LGND50”, dropping the supplement down to only $40. Inspired is also throwing in a free tee with LGND so it definitely seems like it’s worth getting in early.

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