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Labrada’s Baking Protein showing up in stores for its introductory price

protein chef baking protein

A couple of months ago fans of Labrada Nutrition and Derek Howes were treated to the Protein Chef’s own Baking Protein. The supplement is simply a protein powder designed specifically to be baked with and used in recipes from the Protein Chef himself Derek Howes. That product was originally introduced on sale for $19.99, which was said to be down from its usual price of $30.

If you did end up jumping on Labrada’s Baking Protein back in April, we hope that it wasn’t actually because of its seemingly low price. The reason we say that is because the supplement is now hitting stores and doing so for the same price it was on sale for. One of the best examples would be who has just added the protein powder for $19.49 a tub. The good news is it’s priced better than expected and now available outside of Labrada’s own website.

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