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Labrada Recharge label released with pre-order promotion

labrada recharge

Earlier this week we posted about Labrada Nutrition’s upcoming post-workout supplement Labrada Recharge. We confirmed three ingredients for the product with 30g of Karbolyn to refuel, 2g HydroMax glycerol to rehydrate, and 3.5g of leucine for recovery. Based on Recharge’s serving size of 43g we did expect there to be a bit more to it, however today its label has been released revealing that those three are its only main features.

You can see the official Labrada Recharge facts panel below, further confirming that Karbolyn, HydroMax, and leucine are its three main ingredients. You can also see that each 2.36lb tub of the supplement packs a total of 25 servings which will obviously last you 25 workouts, or around 12 if you use its maximum recommended amount of two servings. Another detail we can confirm is that Recharge is only available in the two tastes we named on Tuesday, Orange Mango and Strawberry Kiwi.

To go with today’s Labrada Recharge update, we do also have information on a pre-order sale the brand is running. Right up until the post-workout officially launches you can save 25% on its regular direct price of $39.99, taking it down $10 to $29.99. The deal is only available through Labrada’s website with its launch due to take place sometime next Tuesday.

Labrada Recharge

labrada recharge

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