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Clean Protein one of the most transparent proteins available

man clean protein

Late yesterday MAN Sports finally launched its incredibly delicious looking protein powder Clean Protein. While its flavors do definitely sound like they’re amazing with the likes of Cookie Stuffed Cookie, Unicorn Milk and Peanut Butter Bits. Clean protein’s menu isn’t actually its biggest highlight. Yesterday when MAN launched the supplement its label was the feature that surprised us the most.

For those of you that caught or post on the product shortly after it was officially released, the rest of this is going to sound like a bit of a repeat. We are however going to go over Clean Protein and its label again today as it certainly deserves the extra attention.

Basically what makes the label of the supplement so special is its transparency. Now we all know Nutrabio has been making non-proprietary proteins for while, and over the past couple of years a handful of brands have decided to go that extra mile and be a bit more open with their proteins too. Almost none of those competitors however have been able to be as transparent as Nutrabio, as not only does it list the exact amount of protein you get from each source, but it also lists the amount of the source itself.

Clean Protein now joins that extremely small list of products, as on its label it does go that extra mile. As you can see in the protein’s facts panel right down below it features the exact amounts of whey isolate (WPI 90) and concentrate (WPC 80), micellar casein and milk isolate (MPI 85). Then below it you can see how much complete protein you get from each source. MAN itself does very well at explaining why having a transparent protein is in important right on its Clean Protein launch page.

man clean protein

What makes Clean Protein stand out from the rest is the fact that we disclose the “complete protein” or “yielding” values of each protein source. Protein sources vary in how much complete protein they yield. For example, the Whey Protein Isolate we use in Clean Protein is a 90% Isolate. This means that not all 100% of the raw material is complete protein.

There are even some brands on the market that claim to have full disclosure protein blends, yet still don’t list how much complete protein each source yields, rather they list the total protein content to inflate the amount on the label.

Most brands utilize proprietary protein blends leaving you guessing as to how much of each source they use and what quality or percent complete protein the sources are. For Clean Protein, we did the complete opposite, choosing to be as transparent as possible, listing not only the amount of each protein source, but going a step further to disclose the amount of complete protein as well.

You can read a little more about the new Clean Protein on MAN’s 1%er introductory page, which is where you can also now pre-order the supplement. There are basically two deals to choose from, one bag for $34.99 and two bags for $59.99, with both offers coming with a free Shorty Shaker and samples of ISO-Amino and Game Day. Unfortunately there is a bit of a wait if you do decide to pre-order as Clean Protein isn’t expected to ship until roughly two weeks from now on June 15th.

MAN Clean Protein

man clean protein

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