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Mango Margarita said to make it three for USP’s new AminoLift+


Yesterday evening USP Labs launched the sequel to its caffeinated amino competitor AminoLift, officially titled AminoLift+. All of its details were revealed, confirming an increase in aminos, more transparency with its BCAAs, and a simplified energy blend. The brand also introduced the supplement with an incredible deal as it does with all of its new releases, although it turns out there might be something missing.

It has been confirmed that while USP itself did launch AminoLift+ in two flavors, Fruit Punch and Watermelon, the product does in fact have a third. We’ve been told that a Mango Margarita AminoLift+ exists and is expected to hit retailers. A third flavor certainly doesn’t have any effect on the release of the supplement, but it is a fact worth sharing if for example you don’t end up liking the taste of Fruit Punch or Watermelon, or just like having options.

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