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Over 100 chances to win MuscleMeds’ Carnivor Shred

carnivor shred

If you’re a fan of MuscleMeds or at least follow it on social media, you will have seen it mention its participation in this week’s Stack3d Pro Expo on more than one occasion. It has continuously said that it’ll have something big for the online event, which today we can confirm is certainly the case. Like most exhibitors, MuscleMeds is going to be running a sale and giving away some supplements, although it is the latter that will no doubt get the most attention at its booth.

MuscleMeds will have two massive giveaways at the Stack3d Pro, both of which are going to involve its recently released fat burning protein Carnivor Shred. The smaller of the two giveaways is for a sample of the product, of which there are 100 up for grabs. As for the other draw, you are going to have to wait for the Stack3d Pro launch to find out exactly what the prizes are, however we will say they’re much bigger than the samples and there are 10 of them to be won.

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