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Muscletech teases another version of Nitro-Tech for the Stack3d Pro

new nitro-tech

Of all the brands exhibiting at the Stack3d Pro Expo which launches at midnight tonight, Muscletech is one of the few that will be introducing some entirely new supplements. Last week we got clues on what two of those would be, one being some kind of new protein bar separate from Mission1, and the other a sequel to its Performance Series pre-workout NaNO Vapor. Now less than 12 hours out from the launch of the Stack3d Pro we have clues on a third product Muscletech plans on introducing.

The image above actually gives quite a bit away about the third Muscletech supplement, as you can see very clearly it is a spin-off of the protein powder Nitro-Tech. The big question however, is what separates this one from all of the others? The brand really turned Nitro-Tech into a series late last year when it introduced a handful of spin-offs including Nitro-Tech Power, Nitro-Tech Ripped, and Nitro-Tech Rapid Mass. Whatever this one turns out to be, it will take Muscletech’s Nitro-Tech total to eight.

Fortunately all of our questions will be answered very soon, as the Stack3d Pro is launching at midnight tonight Eastern Time, which is only 10 hours away.

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