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Out Of The Lab enters the competitive pre-workout category with Impetus

out of the lab impetus

Out Of The Lab said a while back that it had a new supplement on the way that would involve recovery in some way. The still relatively small brand has just surprised us by not only unveiling that recovery formula, but also one other product. This post is about that other product which is a pre-workout called Out Of The Lab Impetus.

Out Of The Lab’s first pre-workout competitor is actually quite interesting, as it’s both a simple but unique combination of ingredients. The brand has kept the list of features in Impetus quite small with a total of just six. The first half of the ingredients are pump and performance based with 3g of citrulline malate, 1g tyrosine, and 1.1g of CarnoSyn beta-alanine. The other half is where Out Of The Lab Impetus keeps all of its stimulants with 185mg of caffeine, 50mg TeaCrine, and 31.2mg of yohimbe.

Before you make any judgements on those ingredients and doses, it’s definitely worth mentioning that the numbers listed are from a single serving of Impetus. The supplement does in fact have a maximum recommended amount of two servings, which doubles the totals of all of its features taking the likes of citrulline malate up to 6g, caffeine to 370mg, and TeaCrine to 100mg. All together the combination promises quite the list of effects including energy, endurance, alertness, focus, intensity, and pump.

Anyone interested in grabbing Out Of The Lab’s first pre-workout entry can already do so by heading over to its official website. There you can purchase a full size 30 serving tub of Impetus for $37.99, or if you use the introductory coupon “LABFRESH” you can save 20% discounting it to $30.39. The brand also has just the one flavor available at the moment with the unique sounding Asian Pear.

Out Of The Lab Impetus

out of the lab impetus

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