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ISO 9:2:2 spin-off to be unveiled by Performix at the Stack3d Pro


As we continue to move closer to next week’s Stack3d Pro Supplement Expo, more and more details are coming in on what brands are going to be doing and unveiling at the event. Following on from all of the teasers we got yesterday comes news about one of the many new products Performix is looking to introduce. The brand has passed on a blurred out image of the supplement as well as a few fairly suggestive details.

You can see the teaser picture above which straight away confirms what it involves. Fans of Performix and followers of ours will know the brand basically color codes its products. For example, regardless of what series you’re looking at all of its fat burners have a bit of blue on them, and for pre-workout orange. Today’s teaser clearly has a touch of green to it, meaning it’s some kind of BCAA formula like ISO 9:2:2 and the Iridium Series ISOi.

As for the few details Performix has passed on, the supplement is a spin-off of a current competitor which as we just explained means it likely relates to either ISO 9:2:2 or ISOi. It has also been revealed that the item’s title takes a bit from the original, and that the product is a combination of two categories.

Our guess at the supplement isn’t actually based on the few details passed on, but its teaser image. Just like its color green gives away that it’s a BCAA formula, the fact that it is mostly white suggests that it will involve weight loss much like the other mostly white Performix spin-offs, ION Glow and SST Glow. That does also explain the clue of it being a combination of two categories, so essentially a weight loss infused Terra Bead BCAA named “ISO ___”.

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