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Performix brings together BCAAs and CLA for its upcoming ISO Sym

iso sym

Before the launch of the Stack3d Pro, we posted about an ISO 9:2:2 spin-off coming from Performix. We didn’t know much about the supplement, just that it would involve BCAAs and presumably some kind of weight loss spin based on its color theme. With the Stack3d Pro officially going online two days ago that product has now been officially unveiled, introducing two category competitor ISO Sym.

While its name doesn’t exactly suggest it, Performix’s upcoming ISO Sym is just as we suspected, a combination of BCAAs and weight loss. For now the brand has only released a preview of the supplement, so we can’t yet confirm its complete list of ingredients. It does however name one of its biggest fat burning highlights right on its front with CLA. Being a Performix product ISO Sym does also involve the usual Terra Bead Technology, which is why it’s being promoted as a multi-phase CLA and BCAA formula.

You can check out the supplement for yourself at Performix’s Stack3d Pro page, where you’ll also see its new Crea-Bead and another addition to its Iridium Series.

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