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Alphamine not the only fat burner PES reformulated


Yetserday PES launched three new flavors for its fat burner Alphamine, which also came with an all-new formula. The brand has in fact changed quite a few things in the supplement and now appears to be promoting it a bit more for its energy. Something fans might not have noticed is that PES has also reformulated its other weight loss competitor Norcodrene.

Much like with Alphamine, PES has made quite a few changes to its capsule fat burner Norcodrene. The product has been turned into a six ingredient formula with very few of those six being from the previous version. A couple of the major features that haven’t made the trip to the new Norcodrene include SA2-A yohimbe and higenamine. The supplement’s list now consists of 100mg of caffeine, 100mcg Chromax chromium picolinate, and a 425mg blend fo lemon balm, l-theanine, aframomum melegueta, and kola nut extract.

You can read more about the updated Norcodrene on the official PES website, as the product’s details were all changed yesterday when the new Alphamine was released. You can also now purchase the reformulated fat burner direct for $34.99, just make sure you use the coupon code from yesterday’s insider launch otherwise it will cost you $49.99.

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