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Native Pro 100 launched direct with a medium size 12 serving

native pro 100

Since it was officially unveiled at the Arnold Sports Festival back in March, we haven’t actually seen a whole lot of the new RivalUs protein powder Native Pro 100. Sometime between that unveiling and now the brand has made it available for purchase through its own American store, but not the Canadian. That arrival has actually brought with it something we didn’t know about the supplement, which is that it has a third size.

Previously we only knew of two options for Native Pro 100, the full 2.8lb tub and a trial size four serving that RivalUs was giving out at the Arnold. As it turns out the brand does in fact have a third volume that sits between the full and trial size. The middle option is a 414g bag packing a total of 12 servings, and coming in the same two flavors as the others with True Vanilla and Pure Chocolate.

As mentioned the 12 serving Native Pro 100 can now be found on the RivalUs website where it hasn’t been priced as badly as expected. Direct the medium-sized product will cost you $25.99, which is roughly only $6 more expensive than if you worked out 12 servings based on the 2.8lb’s price.

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