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Three flavor menu confirmed for Gaspari’s DMAA SuperPump 250

superpump 250

As Gaspari Nutrition fans eagerly await the arrival of its reformulated and DMAA infused SuperPump 250, we’ve got a small update today that should keep the excitement going. Basically we’ve been able to get confirmation on the supplement’s flavors, which isn’t as exciting as its label or actual release, but news nonetheless. Gaspari is in fact planning on relaunching the product in three options, all of which have been uniquely named.

What we mean by uniquely named is that each of the three flavors has quite a lengthy title, although the basic idea of them is hidden away in there. The options confirmed for Gaspari’s upcoming SuperPump 250 are Italian Rainbow Ice, Country Life Pink Lemonade, and Boardwalk Cotton Candy. As mentioned each flavor has its actual taste hidden away in its name with Rainbow Ice, Pink Lemonade, and Cotton Candy.

From here we continue to wait for Gaspari to officially released the DMAA pre-workout, which is expected to happen sometime this summer.

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