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Syntha-6 Edge Bar details surface with its official launch

syntha-6 edge bar

BSN’s all new Edge Series protein bar, the Syntha-6 Edge Bar, has now started showing up in Europe. With the arrival of the supplement has of course come all of its nutritional information, which was what we were short on in its initial preview. As predicted based on its weight its macros are all a lot lighter than its predecessor, the simply named Syntha-6 Bar.

Compared to the original, the Syntha-6 Edge Bar has 10g less protein at 20, and uses half as many protein sources with whey concentrate, milk concentrate, and casein. You then have a similar drop in carbohydrates from 31g to 21, between 70 to 80% less sugar, 2g less fat, and a major change in calories going from around 320 to Syntha-6 Edge’s much lower 222. It is essentially a leaner protein bar, with a big emphasis on less sugar.

A couple of places you can visit to purchase the third entry in BSN’s Edge Series are Dolphin Fitness and Tropicana, with the former being the cheaper option at £27.95 for a box of 12. Dolphin Fitness also appears to have all flavors of the Syntha-6 Edge Bar in stock, whereas Tropicana only has three of its five.

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