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NutraKey going 100% transparent with its upcoming Tru Series


NutraKey isn’t a brand we’ve posted about here before on Stack3d, however moving forward you are going to be seeing updates on it. We’re going to kick off our coverage of NutraKey with the introduction of its next major, brand changing supplement. The upcoming product is called Tru Burn, which as you may have guessed just by its name, is a fat burning formula.

For now NutraKey hasn’t dropped a lot for Tru Burn, with only a short description and a teaser image. From that we can confirm four effects for the supplement with increased focus, appetite control, thermogenesis, and boosted metabolism. There is one other interesting detail the brand has passed on for Tru Burn, however unlike with the effects, it does involve a lot more than just the product.

Tru Burn is actually a part of NutraKey’s all-new Tru Series, hence the first half of its name. Where the interesting detail comes is that every supplement in the Tru Series, including Tru Brun, is going to list the doses of each and every one of its ingredients. The reason that’s such a major move for the brand is because none of its current products are 100% transparent, or at least from what we can see.

As mentioned you can count on seeing more of NutraKey moving forward as we continue to keep you updated on the brand, especially over the next few weeks as Tru Burn is expected to be launched early next month.

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