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Vapor X Next Gen unveiled as promised at the Stack3d Pro

vapor x next gen

Last week we confirmed that Muscletech would be unveiling its next new pre-workout for the US market at the Stack3d Pro. The product was said to be a sequel to the brand’s current Performance Series competitor NaNO Vapor, unlike in Europe where fans are getting Anarchy Next Gen. With the Stack3d Pro launching yesterday we now have a first look at Muscletech’s next pre-workout, officially titled Vapor X Next Gen.

The preview of Vapor X Next Gen doesn’t exactly include a lot of information, featuring just the top half of the front of its bottle. Outside of its name all we really get from that is that the supplement is being promoted as an “explosive pre-workout neurosensory experience”. Muscletech has also passed on a few words about Vapor X, which fortunately do give us a few more details.

One of the brand’s key lines about Vapor X Next Gen is that it will have “zero under dosed key ingredients”. To us that suggests we’ll be seeing some common clinically dosed features such as CarnoSyn beta-alanine, citrulline, creatine, and possibly betaine. Another key line we get from Muscletech’s teaser description is a list of the product’s effects with “energy, extreme muscle pumps and performance”.

You can see and read all that Muscletech has released about Vapor X Next Gen at its Stack3d Pro booth, where you can also apply for some free samples as well as take advantage of its expo exclusive deals.

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