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20% extra tubs of A:Cuts now available in select Canadian retailers

arctic orange acuts

Fans of AllMax Nutrition’s weight loss infused amino formula A:Cuts, were already treated to a new option just a couple of months ago in May. The brand added another flavor to the supplement’s menu, seeing the originals Pina Colada and Goji Berry Martini, as well as Pink Lemonade being joined by Arctic Orange. AllMax has now once again turned its attention to A:Cuts, although this time it has given fans of the product something that’s actually going to save them money.

Since A:Cuts was first launched, it’s been available in just the one 210g, 30 serving tub size. AllMax has now put together a 20% bonus bottle, weighing in at 252g with an extra six servings. There is a catch to the product unfortunately, which is that you can only get it from select retailers across Canada. An example of one of those retailers is Hyperforme Nutrition, who has the 20% extra bottle in three of A:Cuts four flavors for the same price as the regular 30 serving.

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