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AI Sports No Whey is back as promised, and a lot like the original

no whey

A little while back AI Sports confirmed that its first ever protein powder No Whey, would be making a come back some time this year. The previously discontinued supplement has now been reintroduced with a very familiar formula, but a very different look. You can see the updated product in the image above, where fans will notice No Whey now features a much more natural themed label, as opposed to the original’s graphic driven design.

Getting into the formula of the all-new No Whey, AI Sports has stuck with the supplement’s two non-whey protein sources. Each serving of the product packs 22g of protein from pea protein and rice protein concentrate. The others macros making up the 2016 version of No Whey are 7.1g of carbohydrates (3g sugar, 3.1g fiber), less than a gram of fat, and a total of 132 calories. Compared to the previous No Whey those numbers are somewhat similar, as based on an original serving with 22g of protein you would have got one and a half grams of fat, 6g of carbohydrates (3.6g sugar), and about 125 calories.

One other highlight that is definitely worth mentioning about the upcoming No Whey, that the last version didn’t have, is that it doesn’t use any artificial flavors. Fans may remember the original was in fact a combination of both natural and artificial.

AI Sports has confirmed that No Whey is going to be relaunched sometime this month, and has actually already added the supplement to its website in preparation for its arrival. For now we can only confirm just the one 1.6lb flavor of the supplement, which is much less creative than any of the original’s options with Natural Chocolate. As far as price goes it does look like the product is going to cost you $39.99 direct from the brand, however we wouldn’t be surprised if the new No Whey is introduced with some kind of deal.

AI No Whey (2016 version)

no whey

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