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Muscle Elements looking to make pre-workouts great again this September

bomb pop precre xs

Muscle Elements has unveiled its first new flavor for its spin-off pre-workout PreCre XS. There is actually quite a bit more to the upcoming addition than you’d expect, as it is going to be a limited edition option. The brand has also decided to wrap its third PreCre XS in a very different looking label, which surprisingly doesn’t involve Muscle Elements’ signature orange.

The name of the brand’s first ever limited edition flavor is America Bomb Pop PreCre XS. As mentioned it isn’t going to look like your usual PreCre XS or any of Muscle Elements’ supplements for that matter, as it is going to be patriotically‚Äč colored red, white, and blue. It is also going to be branded and promoted with a Trump inspired slogan as you can see in the image above with “MAKE PRE-WORKOUTS GREAT AGAIN”.

The launch date for Muscle Elements’ America Bomb Pop PreCre XS is currently set as sometime in September, which is as little as 6 weeks away or as much as 10.

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