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Carb HP officially unveiled and featuring Cluster Dextrin

carb hp

As recently promised, this week ANS Performance has unveiled its next entirely new, carbohydrate based supplement. The minute we heard the brand was getting ready to introduce something new, we immediately assumed it would be the product we named a while back, Carb HP. Just as we suspected that is exactly the item ANS has unveiled this week, giving us our first real look at the supplement.

Like most previews, the one ANS has dropped for Carb HP does reveal a few little details about the product. Firstly the formula has been designed to help with recovery, endurance, and performance, although those are all things the brand mentioned last week. Secondly the supplement does feature carbohydrates just as its name suggests, which by the looks of things is all from the well-known supercarb, Cluster Dextrin (highly branched cyclic dextrin).

The other few details we get from the first look at Carb HP is that it weighs in at 3.6lbs. That is the combined weight of 60 servings, which works out to exactly 27g per serving. For those wondering if that is all Cluster Dextrin, we can’t unfortunately confirm anything until we see the product’s official label. However, ANS has released a description that certainly hints at Carb HP having more than just the supercarb.

“CARB HP is a designer carbohydrate product created with the athlete in mind. Consisting of clinically studied performance carbohydrates, an innovative carb shuttling system and natural electrolytes to fuel the endurance capacity of all athletes!”

As you can see it seems Carb HP’s unknown dose of Cluster Dextrin is going to be joined by two other features or blends for carbohydrate shuttling and electrolytes. For now that is all we have with the rest of the supplement’s information expected to be passed on soon, as ANS doesn’t usually take too long to release details once it’s unveiled a product.

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