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EFX Sports rebrands Kre-Alkalyn and its two Karbolyns

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Back when EFX officially unveiled its eight supplement Training Ground Series, it mentioned that it would be spreading that line’s look across to some of its current products. At the time it didn’t mention what products would be getting the treatment just that some would and other presumably, discontinued items wouldn’t. Following on from a lot of new information on the Training Ground Series, EFX has now unveiled a few of its rebranded supplements.

A total of three products have been confirmed as staying on board the brand’s line up, all of which you can see pictured with their new look above. The list includes two of EFX’s most well-known supplements, the creatine Kre-Alkalyn EFX and Karbolyn, and one of its more recently released items, the spin-off formula Karbolyn Hydrate. From what we know the contents of the products are going to remain exactly the same, although Karbolyn has been given a slight name change as it’s now called Karbolyn Fuel.

We don’t imagine this is the end of EFX’s rebranding, as fans will know it does have quite a few others outside of the three unveiled today. At the same time the three could be all the brand has decided to carry over, we’re just going to have to wait and see what EFX does over the next couple of months.

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