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Gaspari’s new Halodrol completely unveiled and now available


As you may have heard, Gaspari Nutrition is bringing back three of its most known, although discontinued supplements. The three products being resurrected are the nitric oxide formula PlasmaJet, the pre-workout SuperPump 250 which will feature DMAA, and the muscle builder we have more information on today Halodrol. Thanks to PricePlow the label for the new Halodrol was dropped earlier this week, confirming everything Gaspari has packed into the updated supplement.

The 2016 Halodrol features a total of five muscle building ingredients, 1-androstene-3b-ol, 17-one, 4-androstene-3b-ol, 17-one, androsterone, androstenolone acetate, and rhaptonicum carthomoides (100:1). The product is a proprietary formula so we don’t know the exact doses of the five, however they do combine for a blend total of 250mg per tablet. Gaspari suggests using just the one tablet at a maximum of twice a day, which would see you get through a box in a little over two weeks, at exactly 15 days.

For more information on the upcoming Halodrol we definitely suggest checking out PricePlow’s breakdown on the supplement. The team has gone into detail about each and every ingredient in the muscle builder, going over what it does and how it all works.

As for when you can get your hands on Gaspari’s resurrected Halodrol, at the moment fans appear to have two choices. The first is the most expensive option, which is going direct to the brand’s website where you can purchase the product for $89.99, with shipping due to take place in two days time on Tuesday. The other option is going to Best Price Nutrition where you can pre-order Halodrol for quite a bit cheaper at $59.95, however you will be waiting one to two weeks for shipping instead of two days.

Gaspari Halodrol (2016 version)


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