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Gaspari bringing back IntraPro as an international exclusive


Following on from our post on Monday about Gaspari Nutrition’s other returning supplement, the protein powder IntraPro. The brand has passed on a bit more information about the product that US fans are definitely going to want to hear. Firstly Gaspari has confirmed that IntraPro isn’t going to be an isolate competitor like it was back in the day. The 2016 version is in fact going to have a combination of whey protein forms instead of just the one.

The other interesting detail Gaspari has revealed about IntraPro is where it’s going to be available. Also unlike back in the day, the upcoming whey formula isn’t going to be available in the US. The brand has decided to bring back IntraPro as an exclusive to international distributors and retailers. The supplement is still suspected to be quite a while away, although fortunately Gaspari fans have a lot more to look forward to including the return of SuperPump 250.

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