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Gaspari officially bringing back its discontinued protein IntraPro


Gaspari Nutrition already has a lot, if not all of its fans excited after confirming the return of SuperPump 250, PlasmaJet, and the muscle builder Halodrol. The last one on that list has in fact already been released, leaving the two pre-workout formulas to come. As it turns out there is actually another product the brand is bringing back from the dead, one that long time fans should be familiar with.

The fourth previously discontinued Gaspari supplement that is now confirmed to be coming back is the protein powder IntraPro. For those that don’t remember the product or weren’t around for it, IntraPro was the brand’s whey isolate competitor that was eventually replaced by the very similar Isofusion. We don’t yet know a whole lot about the upcoming protein powder, although we can confirm it isn’t going to be exactly the same as the original.

The details that we know of so far are that IntraPro will be a 100% whey formula, with 24g of protein in each of its Chocolate Milk 2lb tub’s 28 servings. We do suspect that there is more than just the one tub size and flavor due to be available, however the Chocolate Milk 2lb is all we can confirm for now. It is also because of those few details that we know the new IntraPro isn’t going to be identical to the original, as that one had 25g of protein per serving, and much heavier servings at 36g with only 25 per 2lb tub.

As soon as more details come in on this one we’ll be sure to share them, although it doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing an IntraPro launch anytime soon. Gaspari’s focus does still appear to be on its DMAA infused SuperPump 250 and the return of PlasmaJet, so we’ll probably see IntraPro after the arrival of those two.

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