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MET-Rx drops more information on its three entirely new products


Last time we checked in with the veteran supplement company MET-Rx, we talked about some big changes coming from the brand. The biggest topic was that it had an all-new look which surprisingly moves away from its signature red. MET-Rx unveiled a much more modern theme, with a slightly darker color combination. It officially introduced the look on four products, all of which we now have a lot more information on.

For those that missed the brand’s introduction, the four supplements it unveiled with its new look were two RTDs, a powder, and a rebranded version of the MET-Rx protein bar Colossal 100. The protein bar obviously doesn’t need any more explaining as it is simply Colossal 100 with an updated look. The other three however are a lot more interesting as they’re all entirely new products.

Starting with the powder, MET-Rx doesn’t appear to have actually given it a traditional nickname and is just referring to it as Sports Series Post Workout Protein Powder. The supplement is a straightforward protein formula with 20g of protein per scoop from micellar casein, milk concentrate, and whey isolate. With 5g of carbohydrates, less than a gram of fat, and 105 calories.

As for the two RTDs, you have another two simply named products with High Protein Milk Shake and Super Hydration Sports Drink. Much like MET-Rx Sports Series Post Workout Protein Powder, the RTDs are exactly what they’re titled. High Protein Milk Shake is an on-the-go protein solution, and Super Hydration Sports Drink a hydration formula infused with caffeine and coconut water.

You can visit the MET-Rx website for a bit more information on all of the new supplements, and if you’re a fan of the brand definitely stay tuned. We imagine there is still a lot more to come from MET-Rx such as more entirely new, rebranded, or even discontinued products.

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