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Myprotein launches its own Moringa Tea in five different flavors

Organic Moringa Tea

Much like its European competitor Scitec, Myprotein drops new supplements more frequently than almost all of US brands we know. Whether it be a flavor, size, spin-off, or an entirely new product, not a month goes by without something new from Myprotein. This week it has followed up its limited edition releases from 10 days ago with Organic Moringa Tea.

The latest from Myprotein is basically its own version of Organic Moringa Tea, a natural, decaffeinated superfood tea made from Moringa tree leaves. Myprotein actually has a pretty good description of Moringa Tea on its website, as well as why you might want to make it a part of your daily diet.

As you’d expect from the brand, Myprotein has launched its Organic Moringa Tea with quite a few options. If you head to its European website you’ll see its full five flavor menu of Apple & Cinnamon, Strawberry, Honey & Vanilla, Cocoa, and Original.

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