Nitro-Tech Crunch launching next month in five flavors

Jul 25th, 2016
nitro-tech crunch

The updates continue to roll in this week on another one of the supplements Muscletech unveiled at our first ever Stack3d Pro, a little over a month ago. Following on from the few details on the pre-workout VaporX5 Next Gen and the protein powder Nitro-Tech Whey Gold, today we have an update on the brand’s upcoming protein Bar, Nitro-Tech Crunch.

The first bit of information we have to share is that much like VaporX5 Next Gen and Nitro-Tech Whey Gold, Muscletech is going to be launching its next protein bar sometime in August. To be more specific the brand has said it’s aiming for the middle of next month, and that GNC and the Vitamin Shoppe will be two of the first to stock the product.

The second and last detail passed on relates to the menu of Muscletech’s Nitro-Tech Crunch. Surprisingly, while its hit Mission1 Bar was only introduced in three flavors, the brand’s next entry into the competitive category is going to start with almost twice that. When Nitro-Tech Crunch eventually arrives it is going to be available in five different flavors, none of which have unfortunately been named just yet.

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